The COVID 19 Pandemic did one thing: it engendered the need and opportunity to launch and sustain online ministries. And until now, we have had to pay continue attention to the online platform. This is because, some people have simply refused to come back to church. And for those who have returned on-site, joining online still remains an option on those days when inconvenience or a disruption occurs.

Consequently, because we have an audience online, we have to pay attention to the quality of what we are streaming. The truth is plain and simple: if the audio is terrible, even your most loyal member might desert your online service and enter another church in just a second. So it’s time to pay attention to what’s going out so we can retain audiences and so that our messaging will be well received. That’s why we are putting together this Master Class on live stream broadcast audio.

Here’s What Will Be Covered in This Master Class

  1. Understanding Online Streaming
  2. Overview of online streaming platforms
  3. Internet bandwidth and latency: its impact on Audio quality
  4. Audio Capture and Recording Techniques. Tools, infrastructure and personnel required for various budgets and church sizes.
  5. Techniques for achieving a well-balanced mix
  6. Acoustics of the venue and its impact on online streaming.
  7. Noise reduction and filtering for delayed broadcasts and podcasts.
  8. Audio monitoring during broadcast.


Ayodeji Adeife is an audio engineer with at least 20 years of experience . He has worked with several individuals and organisations on several projects including, but not limited to Sports, Live shows, Concerts audio post for Film, Tv series, Reality TV productions and Broadcast audio. Some of the events he has been involved with are The Experience concert, Davido’s Timeless Concert, Nigerian Idol, too numerous to mention events by Multichoice’s Supersports just to mention a few.

Ayodeji Adeife is passionate about solving critical audio and acoustic problems, and is excited to share his knowledge. In his free time, Ayo enjoys travelling and jazz music.

Participation fee:

N8,500 / $15